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I Win vs. We Win
What’s Keeping Your Team from Getting the Results You Want?

In some organizations, the individual department goals prevent
teams from focusing on the team mission. What happens when there
are departmental goals that you are dealing with everyday and then
there is the TEAM thing? The group gets together for team meetings
but their individual co-existing and often conflicting departmental goals prevent them
from making decisions in the best interest of the team. Each member
of the group is working on a different agenda.

Individual goals and metrics are important. The team has to be
familiar with other goals of the organization and determine how
they are going to meet the needs of the team, organization and

As the Synergistic Leader, you get to look and leverage.  Look at the all the pieces and leverage for the best results. 

Until next time,  Stephanie

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A flock of geese and the leader. 
Each member is responsible for getting itself to where the flock is
going.  Encourage accountability.

Every member knows the direction of the flock.  Share the vision.

Every member is willing to assume leadership when the flock needs
it.  Plan for succession.

Followers honk at leaders to encourage them.  Open up your
leadership style to accept encouragement.

When a goose is wounded, two geese follow it and protect it until
it recovers or dies.  Let empathy balance out excellence.

The members know that flying in a “V” gets the best results.
Reorganize for optimal results.

Until next time,

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