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Get Ready to Uncover and Release Untapped Profit Potential in your Business!

Can you answer YES to these three straightforward questions?

Every team member wants to be on my team … measured by their results.

Every clients loves doing business with me and my team…measured by the $$ invested in our product or service.

Every team member understands their connection to the bottom line.

If you answered NO to one or more of the questions above, you have a POWER leak on your team or in your business.

Let’s look at the cost associated with your power leak.….What have you invested to recruit and train your team members. It costs 3 times what you invested in a team member to replace them? How much traction and productivity do you lose restoring team dynamics while the team is rebuilding? Do project timing and sales goals have to be adjusted? And business—80% of the business comes from 20% of your clients. How many clients have you lost because they were matched up with someone doing the minimum or worst yet, team members that are in the wrong place, doing a task that highlights their weakness? It costs time, energy and money to gain a new client. Let’s face it; gaining customers’ Trust – PRICELESS. It really is cheaper to keep them.

No Customers

No Profit Center

Every day, thousands of small businesses like you are losing out on money you could be making from your existing business — simply because you don’t fully exploit the multitude of business assets, human capital assets and relationship assets you have in place right now.

The truth is…you’ve spent a lot of time, effort and money to get where you are today. You probably put your own money into starting your business…you hired employees or established outsource relationships. You spent time and money developing a product or service…and every day of the year you spend even more time and money advertising it, selling it and delivering it.

Well, today, I’m here to help you ignite the potential in those uncommon assets and release the power of engagement strategies.

I’m here to introduce you to the dozens of simple strategies that can turn idle, untapped team member talents, key relationships and business core value alignment into a significantly a more powerful team and profitable customer alliances – using with proven strategies.

This comprehensive and thought-provoking Ready, Set, Engage™ eMentoring Program is where we’ll start. Over the next several days, you’ll discover dozens of hidden pockets of potential in your own business — and learn countless simple strategies you could be using tomorrow to connect people with profit.

That is, you’ll know without a doubt when you’re through that my goal for any business owner or team leader is to:

* Optimize the human potential in their business

* Benefit from the momentum of systemization

* Create a high performance team culture

* Quickly move from customer problems to collaborative solutions

* Increase your profits

* Lower your costs

* Create a team of the right people in the right place

* Get your customers to fall in love with your brand

As you read each section of this Program, keep an open mind to the idea that virtually all businesses have hidden assets and resources that should be connected to generating more money. Often — just by printing each session and taking actions– my clients find significant transformation opportunities sitting literally right under their nose!

More importantly, they discover that areas of their business they once considered unimportant or trivial might actually become indispensable to their business success. In short, this guide will help you find the quickest improvements, and the fastest way to connect your team to your customers.

Don’t worry that you can’t apply all the strategies today. It may be that you need to gather certain information for the very first time about your business. Some business owners even make it a part of their weekly reporting function to gather the data derived this guide recommends. Whether you do that — or simply make this guide and its questions a one-time, eye-opening activity, recognize that anything you do — big or small — is a positive step toward enjoying the “windfall” profiRead what one client had to say about Ready, Set, Engage™: Create Dynamic Teams and Unwavering Customer Alliances.

“Ready, Set, Engage™ is the system for the new revolution of managers, leaders and business owners who want to empower and engage their team members for maximum results and effectiveness. If find yourself surrounded by a team that lacks enthusiasm and personal buy-in this is a must.”
David Bush, Founder & CEO,

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