True North - The Value Profile

The Value Profile will identify your:
-Potential for Making Good Decisions
-Greatest Performance Strengths
-Primary Development Needs
-Best Strategy for Personal Growth
This comprehensive personal asset inventory and review can help you:
  • End frustration and conflict in your daily routine
  • Eliminate wasted effort, by directing you to the highest payoff activities
  • Enable you to determine exactly what skills and talents you can leverage into greater success
  • Show you exactly how to make quicker and better decisions every day
  • Identify the kinds of people who can help you most,
  • Give you a score in the areas critical to business and career success,
  • Match your personal and unique values to your work to get maximum satisfaction and productivity,
  • Show you the strengths and potential blocks you bring to your job, or to managing and building your own business,
  • Give you an in-depth analysis of your own “mental programming” and how to harness it for your benefit (instead of working against you),
  • Get a complete report with feedback on how your current programming is impacting your decisions and actions,
  • Make recommendations on strategies to improve your personal effectiveness at work in your everyday life,
  • Develop your own plan for greater personal success in building your business or your career.

You get invaluable insights that will enable you to maximize your personal strengths and avoid pitfalls.

Self-Knowledge is Key to Finding True North…
Experience More Life, Livelihood, and Living!

Knowing yourself is the most critical information you can have in any aspect of life. It is especially critical for the complexities of owning and running a successful business, and the increasing challenge of advancing your career in today’s marketplace. No skill, product knowledge or personality trait has as much potential for influencing your personal success as having a clear and honest understanding of yourself and those areas you value most.

The Value Profile will help you:

Identify Your Natural Thinking Patterns:

You will become aware of how the natural biases in your thinking affect your ability to make decisions.

Recognize Your Predominant Decision Style:

You will learn how your thinking patterns affect your ability to turn your decisions into actions.

Develop Positive Performance Attitudes:

You will recognize how your beliefs and attitudes may inhibit your ability to benefit from your talents.

Apply Your Natural Talents:

You will gain insights into how you can make more effective use of your natural talents and improve your personal performance.


It is a simple, 15-minute process in which you rank order two sets of 18 items from best to worst. That’s it. The computer then mathematically “profiles” your strengths and areas for development, and reports back to you how your unique personal values match up against the core capacities and competencies necessary to advance your success path.

The Value Profile increases your odds for success and enhances your personal satisfaction.

It provides a road map to your True North.

The results of your profile are detailed personalized reports with graphs and synopsis.  Your report will identify core strengths and insight into your secondary and primary development areas.  You can use the results and share with your coach for accountability or you can take advantage of a personalized feedback session with one of our consultants.

Entrepreneur Profile

This is a measure of the essentials to success and may be used in work and life. It measures “knows what to do, knows how to do it, planning and organizing, get things done, and working through others”.

You will uncover your ability to:

  • Clearly and correctly see what is important and needs attention.
  • Develop ideas, techniques, and solutions for getting things done.
  • Focus energy, stay on track, and get things done effectively and efficiently.
  • Develop plans and strategies for focusing and measuring the success of actions.

Entrepreneur Profile Only $99

See sample Entrepreneur report

Sales Synopsis

Improve your inner game of selling to improve your sells.  The sales synopsis helps you understand your strengths and development areas as they relate to:

  • Empathy
  • Practical Ability
  • Organizational Ability
  • Handling Rejection
  • Self Starting Ability
  • Achievement Drive
  • Discipline For Selling
  • Stress Index
  • Motivation Index

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Executive Management Synopsis

  • Deciding What Needs To Be Done
  • Developing A Strategy
  • Managing Activities
  • Planning & Organizing
  • Organizational Attitudes
  • Achievement Drive
  • Self Starting
  • Stress Factors
  • Sources of Motivation
  • Relating With Others
  • Communicating With Others

Get your personalized Executive Manager Synopsis for only $149

Get the personalized Executive Manager Synopsis + Private Feedback Action Planning Session for only $297

See a sample executive management report here

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