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One of my emerging leaders is in a transition. Currently he is a manager working in a position that is not his true calling.

So what do you do when what you are doing is not the do that you want to do? (Wow, say that again fast.)

I challenged him to find his happy place. I asked him what he wanted to do? He told me. My question was if you looked at your current challenges in terms of how you would handle them if you were in your passion, what would you do different.

I could see him thinking with a twinkle in his eye that would make Santa envious.

No matter what leadership position you are in and regardless of the chaos around you, I challenge you to find your happy place. Figure out how you can operate in your zone (even in the midst of all the uncertainity).

Let me know if I can help.

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Normally, I post things on leadership but today, I am posting on life. I happen to live in Kokomo which received news about being on the fasting dying city. Which quite surprisingly was news to us. Well the reporting really raised the hair on my neck. How dare they say this city is dying. The last time I checked. This City of Firsts was filled with innovative, intelligent, brilliant people who –guess what we are still breathing. The article America’s Fastest-Dying Towns does not tell the rest of the story, the story of human spirit. As the Leader Builder, and the champion for the City of Kokomo, I tell you there is a lot of life. And although business and success may look different– We are not down or out, just UNDERESTIMATED. For once I wish the media would choose to listen to Think and Grow Rich and use their power for good and not evil.

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