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“Who you are as a leader is your brand. Because you can’t be everywhere, the brand will carry your message”

Dr. Jay Conger Professor of Leadership Studies

From the Desk of: The Leader Builder

Because you are reading this means that you are an amazing leader…

Have you ever overheard a conversation about someone and all you heard was “They used to be…?” Wouldn’t it be tragic if they were talking about you and how you didn’t keep improving your game?

“With the revolutionary leadership personal coaching tool, developed by The Leader Builder, Stephanie Y. Oden, the possibilities of the type of leader you can become have just expanded” Jennifer Foster, President, Foster Results,

From working with countless leaders in small to medium size companies across America, I began to see some trends. I’ve seen mangers burn out… I’ve seen mangers that hate what they do everyday… I’ve seen managers that have a 50% quit rate….I’ve seen the blank look when managers are asked to think like entrepreneurs…and when business owners are asked to think like managers. I’ve seen new managers fail because they alienate staff and peers on their first day…I’ve seen managers that customers avoid working with… I’ve seen managers sabotage their careers without a mentor… I’ve seen the best customers leave because of an interaction with a team member in the wrong job. I’ve seen the “cream of the crop” fail as a new leader.

I was able to prove over and over and over that you build your business by building your people…. Engaged team members create engaged customers –even if you your team is not all in one building. Effectively implementing this strategy separates your company and you from the competition…and you become a brand that other leaders model.

Do you wish someone who understood customers would give you the tools for managing the roller coaster of customer relations —- even through economic downtimes at your company? …. Do you wish someone would give you strategies for creating superstar workgroups? ” Well, someone can and will…. Just 12 years ago I was a new executive facing the challenges you are. I didn’t have a year to get results…. No one told me how to recruit and retain good people. No one told me how to engage my staff. No one told me the key to success was not doing it all but developing people and systems that worked for me. No one told me customers value profitable partnerships and how to create win-win-win relationships. No one told me how to go from working “in” task to working “on” creating successful systems. More than that no one told me how to avoid burn-out and feelings of isolation.

When I discovered the tools necessary to create superstars, create powerful customer relationships and increase personal marketability, my professional career skyrocketed beyond six figures. Once I uncovered the secrets, I began applying the system to every new opportunity presented and it worked every time. Because of my desire for others to benefit from my journey and avoid the pitfalls of leadership, I was duty-bound to create the Ready, Set, Engage® Mem Cards.

  • Focus on improving your brand as a leader — - it takes only 5 minutes a day to improve your game.
  • 26 Cards– - great leaders are life-long learners. You can focus on one strategy a day or a week. You decide the frequency-you can use the cards again and again as you implement an idea and even more new ideas for innovation keep coming.
  • Convenient– - You can put them in your pocket and review when you are waiting in line, have a free moment between meetings or during the “wait” times of your life.

Mem-Cards are amazingly simple and incredibly effective….

Brian Tracy, Author of Maximum Achievement and Advanced Selling Strategies

  • Spaced Repetition– - We are able to apply what we learned when we learn in small chunks and repeat frequently. The Ready, Set Engage® Mem-Cards by design allow you focus on and repeat success principles.
  • Avoid boring staff meetings– - Use the cards to add an interactive element to your team meetings. Benjamin Franklin quoted “when you involve me I learn”.
  • Dual purpose cards– - Each card has a dual purpose. One side has a powerful strategy. On the other side of each card is a quote by successful business owners and thought leaders like Peter Drucker, Jeffrey Gitomer, Norman Vincent Peale, Jeff Bezos and many others. And your deck of cards comes with a vinyl holder perfect for your pocket, planner or purse

Ready, Set, Engage® Mem-Cards - WOW! What can I say? Besides the fact that I can carry the handy wallet-fold stack with me when I set out to facilitate training, I regularly refer to card #26, which I keep visible on my desk. The Path Leader Pledge has become a key part to my training routine. I find it refreshing to remind myself and others that I am committed to creating an energized, connected organization. After all, if you are not engaged, then it is quite possible that your customer is not engaged. And we all know from reading the book that disengaged customers cost you time and money! Change your focus and make more money!

Shalom Strickland, Owner, Strickland Media

  • Easy Reference– - You can use the concepts and quotes as teaching tools with those you lead or mentor.
  • Personal Coaching Tool– - Simply stated concepts allow you to internalize concepts quickly and change your inner game. Change your thoughts, change your actions and get amazing results.
  • Exclusive — - created by synergistic leadership thought leader and based on the patented Ready, Set, Engage® system. There is not another system like this in the world.

So what are some of the benefits to you if you choose to follow this simple system…

  • Ideas in a flash on how to lead better, make more money
  • Promotes self mastery
  • Avoid the fatal mistakes leaders make
  • Time tested leadership principles
  • Reduce your turnover rate
  • Improve relationships with customer
  • Turn around a dying organization
  • Take charge of your leadership brand and your life
  • Inspire loyal team members
  • Attract more win-win partnerships
  • Save energy by using the power of focus
  • Save time with leveraging strategies
  • Be a more memorable leader
  • Know what it takes to build a superstar team

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Ready, Set, Engage MemCards are a great tool to remind me of the habits and wisdom from leaders in business.

Desiree Reynolds, Owner

I love the Mem-cards for Ready, Set, Engage®. Anytime I have a minute (i.e. standing in line, waiting for a basketball game to start, or a practice to end) I pull out my card for that day and review the strategy. It’s a great way to stay focused on building my team and personal excellence.

Kristine Bewley, Owner, Cartridge World

I like the “Heart Choices” memory card: #16. As a leader you sometimes have to release employees that are not a good fit for the company. It is important to ultimately base your decision on factual data instead of emotion, and to deliver this decision with professional courtesy.

Katie Barnett, Solutions Day Spa

How can you improve your brand and your life in 5 minutes a day? The cards focus on safeguarding you against the pitfalls of:

Lack of a personal brand, high quit rate of your best people, poor quality of work, lack of clear expectations for your people and team cohesiveness, people showing up but not really being there, wrong job fits, angry customers and professional burn-out.

Each card of your deck of mem-cards is like having a strategy for leadership mastery, high performance teams, connecting people with profit or creating strong customer connections. Together the cards provide the cornerstone of the patented Ready,Set, Engage® system.

Mem-Cards — What a great idea! When I got my cards, I immediately put them into action as a part of my daily routine based on the strategy on the front of the card. I was able to focus on how build my leadership brand and attract the type of customers I want. I love the quotes from business icons on the back of the cards. They are a great way to remind me of what it takes to have a successful business and leave a leadership legacy.

Connie Hayes, Managing Principal, IFG

I know there are a lot of complicated products out today for thousands of dollars. This product is priced so you can invest small and gain big. The set of reusable cards is only $19.97

Why am I charging you thousands less than clients have paid to get these powerful leadership strategies from working with me……because I want to empower 1,000 leaders in the next 30 days. Will you be one that takes advantage of the offer?

“Finally, the secret for taking action and getting results is de-mystified-your success in now in the cards –Mem-Cards” Jeffrey Gitomer, Author of The Sales Bible

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Practicing a new skill every 21 days will create habit of leadership mastery. You will be in the top 1% of people in the world who have a plan and a brand. If blending in and being ordinary are not in your plan….then you should get your Ready, Set, Engage Mem® cards. Don’t wait -

If you get the cards and you are not satisfied for any reason. Just return all the cards and your money will be refunded no questions asked. You get to keep the 3 bonus gifts.

I guarantee you will become a magnet for unbelievable opportunities. I also guarantee your relationship with customers will be better than it has ever been and I guarantee you won’t have to recruit people to be on your team, they will be coming to you. Try the cards—Risk Free

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P.S.- The Ready, Set, Engage® Mem-Cards allow you to internalize concepts quickly, transform your inner game and achieve amazing results in your life. Change how you lead, change how you live. Plus you get $246.90 in bonus material…. And you have my money back guarantee.

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