Ready, Set, Engage™

In just two hours, you too can create a dynamic team and unwavering customer alliances
Become the manager that people want to work for and the team that clients want to spend money with.

Imagine a workgroup, a department or an entire company that runs smoothly with a minimum of stress, highly engaged with customers, knows how to quickly come together to solve problems….You too can achieve this goal.

Now from Synergistic Leadership Expert, Stephanie Oden, comes a book that will help you discover and profit from the hidden potential of your team. Ignite the potential and release the power.


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Book Reviews:

"I wish I'd had a copy of Ready, Set, Engage when I served as Executive Director of Hospitality Homes--it would have saved us countless human resources challenges. Every manager and executive in corporate, public and non-profit sectors, should go out and get their copy today--it's an invaluable resource for creating an environment where employees deliver on their potential and add to the bottom line."

"Stephanie Oden knows how to empower a team, transform performance, improve employee loyalty and resolve customer service issues. In fact, since reading Ready, Set, Engage™ I have found myself applying the concepts to my small business with great results. While the information in this book is incredibly valuable, I also found myself caught up by Oden's wonderful storytelling--it's a fun read."
Lisa Tener, Entrepreneur and Former Executive Director

"This book is ENGAGING and ENLIGHTENING. I read it in one sitting. I went to work the next day with a new set of eyes for my relationships with team members, co-workers, and customers, and was able to apply what I had learned in Ready, Set, Engage™."

"I've given my copy of the book to our Plant Manager with my recommendation that it is a must read. I recommend this book to any team leader or manager who wants to improve the effectiveness and energy level of their team to drive continuous improvement and exceed customers’ expectations."
Robin L. O'Connor, Program Manager

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