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Success as an executive is based on how well you master the critical leadership success factors. With a personalized Executive Management Synopsis you will gain a deeper understanding of potential for making good decisions, performance strengths and development areas.

Executive Management Synopsis Sample

Gain an understanding of your style as an executive. This profile provides insight into your style as a manager. It does not matter whether you are new to leadership or a seasoned executive this assessment will identify core leadership and management strengths and pinpoint development areas:. Critical success areas addressed in the assessment are.

  • Deciding What Needs To Be Done
  • Developing A Strategy
  • Managing Activities
  • Planning & Organizing
  • Organizational Attitudes
  • Achievement Drive
  • Self Starting
  • Stress Factors
  • Sources of Motivation
  • Relating With Others
  • Communicating With Others

You will receive a 30 page personalized assessment on 57 factors related to executive management success. Also included in your customized report is a ranking of your primary and secondary strengths. Plus your secondary and primary areas you might want to spend some time focusing on. What makes this assessment unlike any other is the ability to look at your natural value, your role and how you make decisions. It is an Executive Positional Sensor.


It is a simple, 15-minute process in which you rank order two sets of 18 items from best to worst. That’s it. The computer then mathematically “profiles” your strengths and areas for development, and reports back to you how your unique personal values match up against the core capacities and competencies necessary to advance your success path.

The Value Profile increases your odds for success and enhances your personal satisfaction.

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