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It’s Friday afternoon… Your major client has an issue and is
demanding it be resolved by the close of business. Or you have a
major promotion or event in two days and the attendee information
is in chaos. You pull together the team. What will be the team
response?  What is the process?

Many teams fail to get desired results because they don’t have
documented processes. You can determine the strength of a process
when you look at the time and stress it takes to get to resolution
in a ‘crisis’ using your process.

Successful teams and sucessful people have efficient processes.

Just because a process is not optimized does not mean it’s not
a process. For example, how are your staff meetings conducted? Do
you have an agenda or “free for all”? 

How do you follow-up with clients? How do you communicate product
benefits to your clients? Your sales success hinges on how well you
have mastered the process of matching benefits to needs and
communicating them to your client.

High performance teams have processes at work in three key areas:
decision-making, client communication and problem solving.

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