As an emerging leader, what you leave behind can either make or break you.   Believing that a brand is just for a business or your favorite products is  a myth that can cost you thousands of dollars in sales or countless missed opportunities or both.   Dr. Jay Conger Professor of Leadership Studies, Claremont McKenna College, discusses your brand as an important aspect of great leadership.

 “We’re swimming in advice about how to be good leaders. Bookstores hold remarkable portraits of Donald Trump, Martha Stewart, Jack Welch and others. They all have advice for us. But how many people can “play” Donald Trump? It’s hard to imitate these characters. And if you try, it is usually a disaster. The last person who tried to imitate Jack Welsh was Jacques Nasser at Ford, which is one reason why Ford ended up on the brink of disaster. It’s better to be yourself; beware of who you wish to become.”

“You sit in a powerful spotlight that can be used to energize people, align the actions of the people who work for you, and promote change.”

“Do your actions mirror a clear brand? Are you clear about why you make a difference?”  Do you have an action plan to improve your leadership brand?  I’ve developed a unique tool to help you improve your brand as a leader.
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Category : Ready_Set_Engage / Synergistic Leadership


patrowland May 28, 2008

great thoughts. to often I’ve tried to be someone I thought others wanted me to be rather then the leader I was created to be. i’m learning more and more to trust in who I am. Thanks

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