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Shoot for the Stars: Create Superstars Part 1

A foundational element of the Ready, Set, Engage Path is creating an organization of people in the right place doing the right job.  This doesn’t come by accident; it is premeditated.  The first step is deciding to shoot for the stars. So what do you do after you have decided to create an organization of superstars that is envied by peers and clients?  Create a plan to get there.   In designing your superstar team, there are six pillars for success.  Successfully implementing these strategies positions you for triumph on the Ready, Set, Engage Path. We will just look at three of them in this post.        

Pillar 1: Develop a process for mentoring new members of your organization.
Even if people have been in the organization for years; establish a weekly schedule to meet with them. This allows one-on-one communication of the mission statement and your expectations.

Pillar 2: Utilize expertise acquired by staff members expertise acquired in previous positions. Have them be the mentor for that subject area both internal to your department and other departments.  This strategy allows people to continue to use acquired skill and starts to create an organization of leaders. 

Pillar 3: Find ways to creative positive exposure for staff.
As a leader part of your responsibility is to market your employees so they are seen as a valuable asset beyond your “four walls”.


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The Ready, Set, Engage Path™ as introduced in my book, Ready, Set, Engage™, is one of leadership mastery, organizational alignment, team engagement and customer connection. You cannot have a successful business without the interconnection of these elements.  In this post, the focus is on customer connection.  Peter Drucker, management consultant helped clarify the idea of a profit center when he said, “The only profit center is the customer.”  I have to admit in my early days of customer partnerships, I could have been heard saying, “if only we could just manage the customer relationship.”  As a customer on the other hand, I don’t want to be managed, I want an experience.  

Customer relationship management SPEAKS - How can your company “work” the customer relationship to meet “your” internal organizational goals?   

Customer experience management LISTENS: How can your company help the customer achieve their goals while creating positive customer experiences?   

Positive customer experiences create engaged, connected, loyal customers. Loyal customers = Profit in the Profit Center. 

Action:  Create a “Make Their Day” journal and come up with ways to create positive, unique, customer experiences for your customers.  

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Compare what it takes to be a legacy leader to gears in motion.  Each talent, skill, mastery, attribute and success building on the other to create possibilities.  The right blend of movement for the desired result is Synergistic Leadership.  As a Synergistic Leader you will continuously turn the gears of leadership mastery, organizational alignment, team engagement, and customer connection. It will take courage, heart, energy, and humor, imperfection and willingness to discover who you are.  It will take you striving to bring out the best in your team and your customers.  It will be both a journey and a destination. 

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