In a recent online article by Forbes, it mentioned the 10 Things That People are Buying. For example the list includes: Smart Phones, video games and consoles, gym memberships, personal care products and my personal favorite toy building sets ie. LEGOs.

Let’s talk about what you are selling and what your team is buying AND can they sell it to your customers. In today’s climate, one product you may find yourself selling is change. Just a few thoughts on dealing with change.

First of all recognize that people are in different stages of change. Some of them are not buying into it, some of them are thinking about buying what you are selling and some of them are “in it to win it”

For the group of people that are not buying in. You want to include in your strategy an educational portion. It is true that knowledge can change fear to acceptance.

For your group that is thinking about it, your message has to include motivation. They want to keep hoping, so your job is to sell the hope.

For the group that are “in it to win it” activate them. Get them involved in the process. Let them be a part of education and motivation.

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