Maximize Your Mentor Relationship

This is the final strategy in the three part series on maximizing your relationship with your mentor.

Let’s review before we conclude this series on maximizing your relationship with your mentor.  The first two strategies we discussed were:

Strategy 1: Find the right mentoring relationship by asking the right question.

Strategy 2: Don’t look for a mentor that only gives you positive feedback.

The final strategy in this series is:

Expect the relationship to require a lot of time and energy.  It
should.  Be prepared before your meetings.  If you are not ready to devote time and energy to being an active protégé’ then wait before you launch a mentoring relationship.  

A mentoring relationship should both challenge and inspire you.  If you have the right mentor that knows how to give you honest feedback to propel you forward and expand your core capacity.  Then friend, you have a good mentoring relationship.
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