3 Strategies to Maximize Your Mentor Relationship

This is part two of a three part series on maximizing your
relationship with your mentor.

Strategy 2
Don’t look for a mentor that only gives you positive feedback. If
you have a mentor and you are only receiving positive feedback, you
are missing out on growth opportunities.  When you think about the
coach/athlete relationship the job of the coach is to help the
player see weak areas in their ‘game’.  On the other hand, don’t
buy into the mindset ‘constructive criticism’.  Did you know that
‘criticism’ also means disapproval and condemnation?  What is
constructive about disapproval and condemnation?  Instead you want
a mentor relationship to be realistic, truthful and they should
‘call you on it’ when you make up excuses or don’t deliver on
between meeting actions. Your responsibility is to keep in mind
that you didn’t ask for a mentor so that they could be ‘really
nice’ to you.     

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