If you ask a leader what has been beneficial  and memorable in their leadership journey,  you will find somewhere along the way — At least one  mentor.    A recent article by Dr. Gary Collins commented on what makes a good mentor. 

A good mentor:

  • Is a person who is “absolutely credible” and has a high level of integrity.
  • Listens and responds in ways that show that the hearer has been understood.
  • Encourages and gives the protégé confidence that he or she can move forward despite inner doubts and fears.
  • Gives honest feedback but without being demeaning
  • Interacts in ways that are respectful and that encourages the protégé to do better and to take risks.
  • Shares ideas, presents opportunities and gives challenges that the person being mentored may not have seen or recognized as possibilities.
  • Is not threatened by the protégé’s capabilities and opportunities to succeed and get ahead. Instead, good mentors cheer others on.
  • Is not too proud to learn from the protégé’s questions and experiences. The best mentoring is two way in which people with different experiences and places in life learn from one another.

To your success,   Stephanie 

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Category : Synergistic Leadership

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