In our last post we discussed the first 3 pillars for success as shoot for the stars.  Let’s continue our discussion. 

Pillar 4: Encourage “fresh thinking” with your staff.
Discuss where you want to take the organization and let staff create actions to achieve goal.

Pillar 5: Encourage self evaluation and personal goal setting
During the employee goal setting or employee development strategy session, make the requirement that one of the goals be related to personal effectiveness. Allow them to own the goal.   The E-LifePlan system is the ideal tool to compliment performance planning and goal setting for superstars.   

Pillar 6: Give staff the opportunity to make leadership decisions and support their leadership learning journey.  Leaders are made, prepared and equipped. How do you become a leader without having experience to understand your style?As you set out on your journey to shoot for the stars, remember to get out of the light. Some leaders have difficulty in allowing their “stars” to shine. As a leader of purpose, power and passion, your mission is to create “stars” that shine brighter than you.  


Until next time,  Stephanie

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