The Ready, Set, Engage Path™ as introduced in my book, Ready, Set, Engage™, is one of leadership mastery, organizational alignment, team engagement and customer connection. You cannot have a successful business without the interconnection of these elements.  In this post, the focus is on customer connection.  Peter Drucker, management consultant helped clarify the idea of a profit center when he said, “The only profit center is the customer.”  I have to admit in my early days of customer partnerships, I could have been heard saying, “if only we could just manage the customer relationship.”  As a customer on the other hand, I don’t want to be managed, I want an experience.  

Customer relationship management SPEAKS - How can your company “work” the customer relationship to meet “your” internal organizational goals?   

Customer experience management LISTENS: How can your company help the customer achieve their goals while creating positive customer experiences?   

Positive customer experiences create engaged, connected, loyal customers. Loyal customers = Profit in the Profit Center. 

Action:  Create a “Make Their Day” journal and come up with ways to create positive, unique, customer experiences for your customers.  

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