The two most destructive forces in the human mind: fear and anxiety” - So true. I also love the eloquence of Napoleon Hill, “They kill enthusiam, destroy faith, blind vision, blunt creatice effort, and dispel harmony and peace of mind”.

You think about when you hear an unknown noise, no matter how tired you are, you wake up ready for action or ready to hide under the bed. Fight, Flight or Hide.

One of the things I think is hurting the spirit of humanity right now is a combination of the common fears of loss: Loss of Money, Loss of Health and Loss of Love.

Because leaders are “human” at least the last time I checked, it is hard not be be affected by the fears that are facing your people. Can you do something today in your world that provides more financial education, health knowledge, personal development and self acceptance with the people on your team.

I know you can, you are synergistic leaders. I believe in you.

Until next time,

Revolutionary Professional Development System

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