“Doubt is a luxury we do not have right now.  You are more powerful than you realize. You will know when the time comes to act”. Mrs. Incredible

There is a scene in the movie, The Incredibles, when Mrs. Incredible must leave the children and the oldest daughter, Violet, is afraid she doesn’t have what it takes to act when she is called to.  You see in a previous scene, she needed to use her power to protect their plane from attack but all she could do was panic, or in leadership terms she was afraid to act in her strength.

The quote communicates the faith of the mother in her daughter.   It is also the communication of a leader, restoring the confidence and faith in the natural ability of their team member.  People will work harder for personal recommendation and a word of commendation where it is deserved than they will for money alone.  Your job as leader is to see that everyone has a role and that he or she recognizes the importance of that role.  And one decision not to act, does not diminish the talent.

“There is a state of mind that tends to establish rapport between minds and provides the power of attraction that gains the friendly teamwork of others. This state is enthusiasm.”  Napoleon Hill

The strength of a leader is in the ability to inspire enthusiasm in a way  that team members don’t  focus on the time when they were unable to act but instead they are waiting enthusiastically for the next opportunity to act powerfully.

In case you didn’t see the movie, The Incredibles, the next time Violet got a chance to act, her power was impenetrable.

Think about it. 

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