Be real, they are watching you. 

I have often been told that when I smile my eyes light up.  Likewise, I have been told that I can share other emotions as well.  That icy look for example.  Even though I might be smiling. 

So being a visual learner and wanting to experiment;  I decided to see what happened when I looked in the mirror and smiled without smiling.  Mainly focused my mind on a smile.  I was amazed; a twinkle did appear, the eyes did smile.   Okay so what is an experiment without the other side.  I focused my mind on something that annoyed me or just made me ponder and right before my “eyes” there was a change, the twinkle was gone. 

So why am I telling you this.  As a leader, you are being watched.  Clients and team members may not say so but they can usually tell the instant they meet you if you are genuine, honest, and/or sincere. A dead giveaway is a phony smile. 

So keep it real.  I am watching you.   : )

Until next time,



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Category : Customer Engineering / Synergistic Leadership

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